2013 FBS Offensive Field Position Stats

% of Avail Yards = The average percentage of potential yards gained on each possession & Avg FP = The average starting spot in yards from a touchdown

Player - TeamOREB %DREB %Assist %TO %Steal %A:TOBlock %
P. Jurick - Oklahoma State16.5122.533.653.230.730.353.97
M. Ejim - Iowa State14.8422.4410.183.942.020.791.12
A. Murray - West Virginia11.4320.9411.684.332.380.684.32
R. Gathers - Baylor18.2920.762.413.091.510.241.67
J. Withey - Kansas9.4720.286.213.761.440.488.38
C. Jefferson - Baylor12.3019.662.181.670.960.374.17
P. Ellis - Kansas12.2619.358.292.341.761.051.31
I. Austin - Baylor10.4419.216.923.610.630.603.18
R. Osby - Oklahoma9.8919.1510.182.761.380.951.80
J. Crockett - Texas Tech10.5819.126.474.013.030.380.57
J. Henriquez - Kansas State16.9018.514.663.130.790.507.61
K. Young - Kansas13.8118.419.563.252.800.931.56
A. McKinney - TCU14.4617.846.864.411.350.521.19
D. Abron - TCU16.0517.724.653.961.350.392.11
T. Gipson - Kansas State15.7516.494.324.871.540.251.22
J. Tolbert - Texas Tech10.9316.053.704.531.720.201.78
D. Kravic - Texas Tech11.5415.8813.774.921.930.663.40
C. Ridley - Texas11.0815.421.564.951.610.095.26
N. Williams - Kansas State15.2315.398.023.511.720.710.45
W. Clyburn - Iowa State8.2915.3312.544.771.660.790.67
A. M`Baye - Oklahoma9.0415.136.174.391.570.391.67
C. Crossland - TCU13.1115.034.913.751.160.441.22
J. Holmes - Texas9.5314.333.783.901.550.311.79
M. Cobbins - Oklahoma State8.6314.141.831.940.830.333.24
P. Ibeh - Texas12.0814.090.603.
K. Noreen - West Virginia12.6313.888.402.631.161.041.02
C. Lammert - Texas6.8513.729.432.890.850.911.06
K. Murphy - Oklahoma State11.7513.696.823.480.800.602.17
M. Smart - Oklahoma State6.0913.4326.875.955.311.251.29
S. Southwell - Kansas State2.9113.4218.042.962.562.081.10
A. Fitzgerald - Oklahoma12.7813.254.991.911.550.751.45
C. Clark - Oklahoma8.1613.244.533.472.170.380.66
G. Niang - Iowa State6.9012.9614.623.481.501.210.52
D. Rutledge - West Virginia11.7112.795.447.
A. Booker - Iowa State10.4812.652.992.421.130.472.39
I. Cousins - Oklahoma1.3512.2617.574.862.711.220.24
M. Brown - Oklahoma State1.9112.0715.643.001.741.401.49
B. McLemore - Kansas5.4111.9712.553.811.830.951.38
I. Papapetrou - Texas6.5411.8411.284.311.450.691.82
R. McGruder - Kansas State7.9311.2713.513.122.361.220.51
D. Kilicli - West Virginia9.9511.2211.265.511.230.521.18
T. McGee - Iowa State4.7511.0211.142.052.731.530.75
P. Gibson - Iowa State10.6610.942.652.091.080.432.70
L. Nash - Oklahoma State3.5810.6412.354.841.130.690.31
S. McClellan - Texas4.3610.117.623.651.810.510.20
J. Hornbeak - Oklahoma3.779.9413.804.132.641.100.59
G. Browne - West Virginia5.909.9315.684.082.611.140.09
A. Walton - Baylor3.189.6122.624.213.551.780.18
J. Bond - Texas8.059.331.063.000.950.181.16
J. Lewis - Texas2.839.319.733.702.290.670.21
J. Staten - West Virginia2.239.2223.923.412.622.100.13
W. Spradling - Kansas State1.449.1615.732.281.892.410.28
K. Miles - West Virginia5.029.0811.571.442.482.882.39
G. Green - TCU4.329.076.944.450.950.520.74
P. Jackson - Baylor2.428.9739.385.632.452.100.00
E. Johnson - Kansas1.328.9227.085.971.801.460.40
S. Pledger - Oklahoma4.518.8910.522.432.041.240.27
E. Harris - West Virginia2.488.749.964.142.080.650.25
B. Hield - Oklahoma8.298.6511.863.892.521.140.53
J. Williams, Jr - Texas Tech2.748.4312.753.161.241.330.18
N. Butler Lind - TCU2.328.2510.073.602.121.071.35
C. Babb - Iowa State2.148.1810.901.661.802.390.40
J. Felix - Texas1.467.9432.555.492.201.620.07
T. Releford - Kansas4.717.7714.302.782.211.610.47
M. Humphrey - West Virginia5.117.546.173.263.580.910.52
M. Irving - Kansas State2.077.4918.003.221.472.030.18
S. Grooms - Oklahoma1.457.4427.813.450.732.700.00
J. Gray - Texas Tech3.047.3226.517.144.310.980.13
T. Gotcher - Texas Tech5.157.237.642.501.620.940.00
D. Robinson - Texas Tech1.647.1121.876.
D. Bello - Baylor7.747.008.894.442.900.701.51
T. Henderson - West Virginia6.156.788.872.731.610.930.55
N. Tharpe - Kansas1.536.5928.284.201.982.220.00
J. Hinds - West Virginia2.396.2916.344.632.100.950.32
C. Smith III - TCU0.876.128.564.901.040.940.20
D. Holland - Texas2.806.0912.284.592.450.770.67
A. Rodriguez - Kansas State2.295.9934.645.
C. Hill Jr. - TCU2.205.885.193.450.700.730.60
K. Anderson - TCU1.194.9220.095.242.391.250.00
G. Franklin - Baylor0.584.8510.401.891.931.910.09
B. Palo - Iowa State0.894.858.403.900.661.710.00
B. Heslip - Baylor0.934.825.960.671.143.000.06
D. Hannahs - Texas Tech0.864.763.332.481.430.380.08
K. Lucious - Iowa State2.144.4531.436.071.531.700.05
P. Forte - Oklahoma State2.104.386.871.142.631.750.00
B. Williams - Oklahoma State2.083.835.143.501.261.150.25
M. Kabongo - Texas0.623.719.265.661.041.650.00
T. Jackson - Texas Tech1.553.013.954.981.260.630.00
T. Nurse - Texas Tech1.612.9610.141.862.091.850.12
J. Ray - TCU0.871.822.244.360.630.650.24
A. Fields - TCU0.180.910.605.120.070.750.08
J. Olukemi - Oklahoma State0.420.650.526.230.090.500.00

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