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The enCYCLONEpedia will focus on analysis of historical Iowa State basketball statistical data – back to 1949. This analysis will be used and added to frequently for many reasons, including: comparisons to current day players/teams, manipulating the data to provide stats that were not used until recent years, to provide interesting and unique analysis, and be the best and most comprehensive database to provide information to settle popular and unpopular disputes and discussions.

For current season analysis enCYCLONEpedia will offer up unique game reviews. It will be a melting pot of,, and Dean Oliver’s “Basketball on Paper” with my own geeked-out twist. It will all be detailed to take a most extensive look at the Iowa State Cyclones.


“Data is not the plural of anecdote”. That’s certainly a true statement, one that I wish many could consume correctly. The stats provided and found anywhere else for viewing and ingestion are one small look into quantifying our opinions. A part of the game, a side of the story, or tangible evidence to support or discredit viewpoints and arguments.

Statistical data is far from the only viewpoint, or even the most important view point. There are infinite factors and variables that contribute to any evaluation that are extremely difficult, if even possible at all to quantify.

Evaluating players based off of points per game, field goal percentages, and total steals is data to help tell a story but it can’t account for levels of competition, surrounding talent, playing style, coaching schemes, or any other number of intangibles.

Hopefully, though, these statistical evaluations can give us a frame of reference or at the very least a glimpse into the quantifiable side of player comparisons and interesting facts.

Consume with caution.


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