Football Stats

This page is the home for all of the advanced and traditional stats I keep in the current season for every FBS team. There is a lot of data that you likely cannot find anywhere else and hopefully you find them useful to answer outside the box questions. All of these tables are sortable, so dig in!

Here is the link to the 2012 archived advanced stats.

Stats updated as of 1/6/2014 for the current season stats. Advanced stats calculated with raw data provided by

The Pythagorean Team Ratings

Off & Def Yards / Play & Rankings                     Opp Off & Def Yards / Play & Rankings

NOTE: All tables can be searched by conference as I have them listed to help limit the results to view at once.

2013 FBS Offensive Rushing Stats                        2013 FBS Defensive Rushing Stats

2013 FBS Offensive Passing Stats                         2013 FBS Defensive Passing Stats

2013 FBS Offensive Scoring Stats                         2013 FBS Defensive Scoring Stats

2013 FBS Offensive Tempo Stats                         2013 FBS Defensive Tempo Stats

2013 FBS Offensive Field Position Stats              2013 FBS Defensive Field Position Stats

2013 FBS Turnover Stats

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