The Run Before “The Run”

Everyone knows about “The Run”.  Even people that have little to nothing to do with Iowa State know and remember the all-timer of a run that Seneca Wallace made against Texas Tech in 2002.  It was a game that pitted the #11 Cyclones against a formidable foe that was supposed to be a high scoring affair.  But just three minutes into the second half it was a defensive struggle, until it happened. 
Should you need a refresher to better remember the run, or if you just want to view it for the 1,000th time, here it is:

Starting at the 12 yard line and tracing as far back is the 32 yard line, Wallace just kept running.  Highlighted by dodged tackles, a tight rope act down the sideline, and one bone crunching block from “Wags” that everyone in Jack Trice saw coming except the Red Raider that got thwacked, “The Run” further elevated Wallace’s quest for the Heisman Trophy in what was a dream season for the Cyclones—up to the midway point, anyway.
Little do many people know, that a similar run was made one year earlier in Lincoln, Nebraska.  It wasn’t quite as thrilling with total distance covered and the scene was nowhere near as large.  Nevertheless, the run itself was extremely impressive as Wallace juked and dodged “Blackshirts” to and fro the width of the field.  Largely forgotten due to the fact it was a touchdown tacked on late in a 48-14 loss to the #4 team in the land.
Anyway, here is that run starting at the 0:28 mark of the video:
One of the best quarterbacks that has come through Ames and two crazy runs, one in each of his seasons with the stakes at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Comparing them in terms of impact on the game isn’t worth the time as the answer is obvious…but what about putting them side by side just to compare the ground covered?  That is what I am here for!
In the yellow is the run against Texas Tech traced out to the very best of my ability and the run against Nebraska is in red.  Check it out:

While the circumstances surrounding “The Run” were large and it is a play that is forever etched into the memories of Cyclone fans everywhere, let us not forget the run before “The Run”.
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  1. Ryan says:

    Both of these need to be sent to Dave Ubben at for the “Yards to Glory” series. If one of them isn’t included the whole series is a joke.

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