2013-14 News & Notes

Over the next couple of weeks I plan to do some player profiles for all of the returning players for Iowa State assessing their accomplishments thus far by the numbers but also evaluating their games and projecting their futures. That is a challenge with Hoiberg at the helm and redshirting players becoming eligible, but I do think it is a worthy process.

Before that, though, I wanted to recap some of the news and notes of this past season as well as numbers for the graduating players in Melvin Ejim and DeAndre Kane. I tried to keep this fresh by not including everything you’ve already heard about throughout the season and going a bit off of the beaten path. Things like the comeback wins, best start to a season, and 14 game winning streak are old news around here, right?

Anyway, below is a quick hit list of some facts and figures from the memorable 2013-14 season. If you have other suggestions on a particular fact that you’re wondering about or that I just plain missed, please let me know.

  • Iowa State played 33 games as a ranked team and went 25-8 for a win percentage of .7576, the second best in school history. The top of the list is the 1999-00 team that was 14-2 (.8750). The closest three seasons behind them were 2005-06 (3-1, .7500), 2000-01 (16-6, .7272), and 1996-97 (22-9, .7097).
  • The Cyclones were ranked for 91.7% of the games they played in, the second most in school history behind 1996-97 (100%). Followed by the 1956-57 season that was ranked in 87.0% of games.
    • This season ISU was in the top 15 for 41.7% of their games, the third most in school history behind 1996-97 (83.9%) and 1956-57 (69.6%).
  • The Cyclones posted the best record versus ranked teams in school history in years where they played five or more ranked opponents with their 8-3 record (.7272). That mark is followed by 1999-00 (7-3, .7000), 1987-88 (4-3, .5714), 2004-05 (5-4, .5556), and 1991-92 (5-6, .4545)
  • Iowa State’s Big 12 Tournament championship was the fifth conference tournament title in school history. The Cyclones also won the traditional conference tournaments in 1999-00 and 1995-96 but they also won the league holiday tournaments in 1955-56 (Big 7) and 1959-60 (Big 8).
  • Fred Hoiberg is already fifth in all time wins as a coach at Iowa State with a record of 90-47. He is behind Johnny Orr (218-200), Louis Menze (166-153), Glen Anderson (142-161), and Larry Eustachy (101-59)
  • Hoiberg’s current win percentages of .6569 is the best in school history and only Eustachy (.6313), Tim Floyd (.6299), and Bill Strannigan (.6000) are also above the 60% win mark.
  • With four career NCAA Tournament wins as a coach, Hoiberg is already tied with Floyd for most NCAA wins. Floyd, Hoiberg, and Eustachy are the only coaches above 0.5000 in NCAA tournament games.
  • DeAndre Kane is just the fourth Cyclone to averaged 12+ points per game, 6+ rebounds per game, and 3+ assists per game in a season.
    • Fred Hoiberg (1993-94): 20.2 points per game, 6.7 rebounds per game, & 3.6 assists per game.
    • Curtis Stinson (2003-04): 16.2 points per game, 6.0 rebounds per game, & 4.3 assists per game.
    • Royce White (2011-12): 13.4 points per game, 9.3 rebounds per game, & 5.0 assists per game.
    • DeAndre Kane (2013-14): 17.1 points per game, 6.8 rebounds per game, & 5.9 assists per game. (Had Kane logged three more assists in the season he would’ve been the first Cyclone to average 12-6-6).
  • Just 17 times in ISU history has a player scored 600+ points in a season. DeAndre Kane and Melvin Ejim each scored 600+ points on the season and became just the second duo to eclipse that mark in the same season in ISU history (1987-88: Jeff Grayer-811 & Lafester Rhodes-720).
  • Georges Niang finished with 567 points and missed two games at the end of the season while averaging 16.7 points per game. Two games multiplied by 16.7 would’ve given this year’s team an unprecedented third 600+ point scorer.
  • The 2013-14 season marked the first time that ISU had three players average more than 16 points per game. (Though, it happened in 1993-94 with Meyer, Michalik, and Hoiberg but due to injury Meyer only played in the first 12 games of the season).
  • Melvin Ejim finished with 135 games played (1st), 127 games started (1st), 1,643 points scored (12th), 1,051 rebounds (2nd), and 146 steals (t-10th) in his career. His per game averages: 12.2 points per game (43rd), 7.8 rebounds per game (17th), 1.1 steals per game (25th). (It should be noted that those career number rankings include guys that played one and two season only as transfers and junior college transfers. That does give them an advantage in career per game rankings.)
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