Dynamic Draft Duos

My buddy Matt (@mebreton) pointed out an interesting thought to me this morning; if Kelechi Osemele and Royce White both get drafted in the first round would that be the first time that has  happened in the same year at Iowa State?
The short answer is yes.  Iowa State’s only first rounder in the NFL draft was George Amundson in 1973 and in that season the draft picks for the Cyclone basketball team peaked in the 3rd round with Martinez Denmon (uncle to Marcus Denmon of Missouri), the 5th round for Clint Harris, and the 16th round for Tom O’Connor (SIXTEENTH!).
To find the tandem of the most highly drafted players in the same year I went through the NBA & NFL draft selections only and added their overall pick number together, lowest wins.  Here it is:
·         2008 – Alvin Bowen was selected with the 147th overall pick in the 5th round by the Buffalo Bills and Mike Taylor was selected with the 55th overall pick by the Los Angeles Clippers. Total score of 202.
·         2006 – Tim Dobbins was selected with the 151st pick in the 5th round by the San Diego Chargers and Will Blalock was selected with the 60th pick by the Detroit Pistons. Total score of 211.
·         2001 – Reggie Hayward was selected with the 87th pick in the 3rd round by the Denver Broncos and Jamaal Tinsley was taken with the 27th pick by the Vancouver Grizzlies. Total score of 114.
·         1997 – Troy Davis was taken in the 3rd round with the 62nd overall pick by the New Orleans Saints and Kelvin Cato was picked 15th by the Dallas Mavericks. Total score of 77.
·         1991 – Marcus Robertson was drafted by the Houston Oilers with the 102nd overall pick and Victor Alexander was taken with the 17th pick by the Golden State Warriors.  Total score of 119.
·         1987 – Dennis Gibson was selected with the 203rd pick by the Detroit Lions in the 8th round and Tom Schafer was picked 54th by the Denver Nuggets. Total score of 257.
·         1986 – Jim Luebbers was drafted by the New York Giants with the 241st pick in the 9th round of the NFL draft and Jeff Hornacek was taken with the 46th pick by the Phoenix Suns. Total score of 287.
·         1985 – Tracy Henderson was selected with the 132nd pick by the New York Giants and Barry Stevens was taken with the 43rd pick by the Denver Nuggets. Total score of 175.
·         1982 – Dwayne Crutchfield was taken by the New York Jets with the 79th pick and Robert Estes was selected 210th by the Kansas City Kings. Total score of 289.
·         1979 – Mike Stensrud was drafted by the Houston Oilers with the 31st overall pick and Andrew Parker was taken by the Washington Bullets with the 46th selection. Total score of 77.
·         1976 – Bob Bos was taken by Seattle with the 239th pick while Hercle Ivy was the 61st selection by the Houston Rockets.  Total score of 300.
·         1974 – Matt Blair was taken with the 51st overall pick by the Minnesota Vikings and Robert Wilson was selected with the 41st pick by the Houston Rockets. Total score of 92.
·         1973 – George Amundson was drafted by the Houston Oilers with the 14th overall pick and Denmon was drafted by the Celtics with the 52nd overall pick. Total score of 66.
·         1968 – Doug Robinson was picked 254th overall by New Orleans in the NFL draft and Zaid Abdul-Aziz was selected 5th overall by the Cincinnati Royals. Total score of 259.
·         1963 – Chuck Walton was taken with the 55th pick by the Detroit Lions and Marv Straw was selected 77th overall by the St. Louis
Hawks. Total score of 132.
·         1961 – Jerry Morgan was taken with the 268th overall pick by the Dallas Cowboys and Henry Whitney was picked 37th by the Syracuse Nationals. Total score of 305.
·         1958 – John Scheldrup was picked with the 179th pick by the Detroit Lions and Don Medsker was picked 79th by the Cincinnati Royals. Total score of 258.
·         1957 – Ed Muelhaupt was picked 311th by the Detroit Lions and Gary Thompson was taken with the 35th pick by the Minneapolis Lakers. Total score of 346.
Those are the top draft picks in each sport for every year where at least one person was taken in both the NBA and the NFL from Iowa State University.  To sort out the best combo year, here they are sorted from lowest to highest overall score:
·         1973 – Amundson & Denmon – Score: 66
·         1997 – Davis & Cato – Score: 77
·         1979 – Stensrud & Parker – Score: 77
·         1974 – Blair & Wilson – Score: 92
·         2001 – Hayward & Tinsley – Score: 114
·         1991 – Robertson & Alexander – Score: 119
·         1963 – Walton & Straw – Score: 132
·         1985 – Henderson & Stevens – Score: 175
·         2008 – Bowen & Taylor – Score: 202
·         2006 – Dobbins & Blalock – Score: 211
·         1987 – Gibson & Schafer – Score: 257
·         1958 – Scheldrup & Medsker – Score: 258
·         1968 – Robinson & Abdul-Aziz – Score: 259
·         1986 – Luebbers & Hornacek – Score: 287
·         1982 – Crutchfield & Estes – Score: 289
·         1976 – Bos & Ivy – Score: 300
·         1961 – Morgan & Whitney – Score: 305
·         1957 – Muelhaupt & Thompson – Score: 346
There you have it…the top draft duos in Iowa State history of the top football and basketball players going in the same season.  If indeed Royce White gets selected with somewhere around the 20th selection we’ll have until right around the halfway point of the second round to see if the White and Osemele combo can supplant Amundson and Denmon as the top drafted duo in Iowa State history.
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3 Responses to Dynamic Draft Duos

  1. Anonymous says:

    did we have any NFL picks the year Fizer went #4?

  2. Kirk Haaland says:

    No sir. Thanks for reading.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That would be “Dobbins”, not “Bobbins”.

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